Support AZ Public Employees and their Families

Originally posted Feb 03, 2012

Join Union Leaders, Public Employees and Community Leaders. Stand up to the attacks on union members and their families. These bills are being pushed by Corporate Outsiders and are not needed. They will harm our community and our economy. These Bills are harmful to all of us;

SB1484, Paycheck deductions employee authorization
SB1485, Unions; public employees; prohibitions
SB1486, Public Employees; activities, unions; compensation
SB1487, Government employees; union dues; withholding

Date:      Thursday, Feb. 9, 2012
Where:   State Senate Lawn
Arizona State Capitol Building 
17th Ave. between Washington and Jefferson
Time:     12:00 p.m.

These outrageous bills are moving fast. They have passed out of committee and will be go to the full AZ Senate. Join our conference to let the Arizona Senate know that attacking public workers is wrong! We need to pull together and create jobs, not destroy them. We must find solutions that work for the real issues Arizonans are facing.