Originally posted Aug 08, 2013

The City of Peoria has not negotiated in good faith.

We are not willing to accept any less for our members than what the City is giving other employees.

We need all members to attend our monthly meeting this Thursday August 15 at 6:00 p.m. in the Roadrunner Room at the MOC for a full report.

YOU can help!

Contact your Counsel Member and express to them your displeasure with these negotiations.

Your Union AFSCME Local 3282 has negotiated in good faith and has made multiple concessions with the City of Peoria’s Management Negotiating team.

We moved from our initial proposal:

2.50 to all represented employees. Then...

2.50 to all represented employees and a  one time payment to topped out. Then... 

1.50 to all represented employees. Then...

1.50 to all represented employees and a  one time payment out to topped out.  We Then...

entertained a mixture of percentages across multiple years, but that would not “make us whole” after multiple years with out a pay raise and rising cost of living. Your AFSCME 3282 gave multiple examples and provided multiple credible reports stating that the City of Peoria is no longer in a Financial Crisis.

From day one they offered 3.5 across a variety of years.

Peoria City Council

Acacia – Tony Rivero (Vice Mayor): Office 623-773-7538

Pine – Carlo Leone: Office 623-773-7538

Palo Verde – Ron Aames: Office 623-773-7328

Willow – Jon Edwards: Office (623) 773-7328

Mesquite – Cathy Carlat: Office (623) 773-7306

Ironwood – Bill Patena: Office (623)-773-5133

Mayor – Bob Barret: Office (623)-773-7368