Right To Know Webinar For AFSCME Members On Hazard Communication Standard

Originally posted Jan 12, 2013


Nearly every AFSCME member will be affected by a new, basic health and safety regulation: the Hazard Communication Standard (Hazcom), or Right to Know Law. (Click here to register for the online seminar.)

OSHA estimates that more than 32 million workers are exposed to 650,000 hazardous chemical products in more than 3 million American workplaces. Most affected are public works, transportation, school employees and health care.

The new regulation is designed to keep workers safe. It requires chemical labeling, developing chemical fact sheets and training workers on the hazards of and safe work practices for the chemicals they work with. The regulation also requires that chemical manufacturing companies use standardized labels, pictures and chemical fact sheets.

The law isn’t set to go into effect until 2016, but employers are required to train their employees on these changes by Dec. 1, 2013.

Learn all about the Hazcom changes in a new webinar on AFSCME’s Online Leadership Academy. Health and Safety Specialist Diane Brown will give you the inside scoop on the law, explaining what the changes mean to AFSCME members. The webinar will take place at 6 p.m. EST, Tues., Jan. 15. Register online now (you’ll need your member ID).