Fields narrow in council races

By CAROLYN DRYER, Editor the Peoria Times

There were some individuals who withdrew from the race after indicating their intention to seek election Aug. 26 in three different city council districts. Originally saying they wanted to run, Armando Macias withdrew his name from contention in the Palo Verde Council District, and Theresa Bukowski bowed out of the race in Acacia. Arthur Othon had already withdrawn his name from the Mesquite race.

In the Pine Council District race, Kenneth Cole did not turn in nomination papers, but a late-comer did: Rick Murphy, who will be leaving the Arizona Senate at the end of this year, filed deadline day, May 28.

Aaron Tiscareno is an individual who will join Vicki Hunt and Sharlene VanLuven in the Acacia race. Tiscareno also filed his nomination petitions May 28.

The only race where there appears to be no opposition is for the position of mayor. Cathy Carlat, who resigned her Mesquite District council seat in April, is the only person who filed for the office of mayor.

Following is the list of individuals who turned in nomination petitions for the Aug. 26 election.

Name of Individual   Office     Total Signatures

Cathy Carlat              Mayor        2,433

Vicki Hunt                  Acacia         148

Aaron Tiscareno        Acacia         163

Sharlene VanLuven   Acacia         114

Bridget Binsbacher    Mesquite     854

Ken Krieger               Mesquite     796

Ben Toma                  Mesquite     855

Ron Aames                Palo Verde  240

Michael Finn              Palo Verde   287

Carlo Leone              Pine             282

Rick Murphy              Pine             183

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