A message from President Obama to AFSCME members

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Today, President Obama urged our 4,000 delegates at the 41st AFSCME International Convention in Chicago to keep up the fight for working people:

“It’s people like you who make America work,” the President said. “And it’s unions like yours that helped build the greatest middle class the world has ever known.”

He vowed to stand with union members in the fight for better wages, retirement security and more flexible hours.

“Wages you can live on, and savings you can retire on, and workplace flexibility you can count on — whether you are a sanitation worker, a child care worker, or a home health aide.  That’s what Americans who work hard and play by the rules deserve. That’s what we can achieve together, if we are bold, brave and determined enough.”

You can watch the whole video by clicking here.

In solidarity,

President               Secretary-Treasurer